about Construction Atelier Alina Raevskaya established in 2005. It is “Atelier”, because each new object embodies a unique proprietary solutions, taking into account the wishes of our customers and the features of these objects.

The history of the Construction Atelier rich made the decoration of the shops and boutiques in Moscow shopping centers “Dreamhouse” on Rublevo-Uspensky highway, “Europeiski”, “Lotte Plaza”, “Sheremetyevo” and others.

The company occupies a leading position is the development and implementation of copyright design projects of private houses in the villages of Zhukovka-XXI and Barvikha-XXI. Each of these projects are so good that the house for sale investors quickly found buyers even in conditions of economic crisis in the country.

Reliability and a comfortable environment in homes and apartments, Construction Atelier creates the correct implementation of all engineering using VRF air-conditioning system combined with a ventilation system, heating system and water-based solutions to global companies Rehau and Uponor, creating the electrical systems on German equipment from ABB and Schneider Electric.

The combination of beauty and warmth perfectly decide stylish radiators exclusive line of the world’s leading manufacturers of Czech and German company Zehnder Arbonia.

Unique and luxurious interiors of houses and apartments, we create, decorating walls, floors and stairs natural marble Grigio Arobico, Dinah Veneto, Cote D’azur, and mirrors and glass repeatedly expanding space. Is natural stone for its unique natural patterns add extraordinary beauty to the bathrooms, the fantastic grandeur of the stairs and in a good mood stylish kitchens.

The naturalness and beauty of floors made of marble from Construction Atelier chic combined with floors of solid oak with styling French and English tree, or modular flooring.

Faucets, showers and bathroom sets luxury line of companies Villeroy & Boch, Migliore, Cezares, Disegno Ceramica perfectly complement the interiors of bathrooms and toilets.

We know that the interior forms the strong emotions and has a serious impact on our quality of life. So in our work we strive for perfection in architecture and functionality, selecting the most convenient and comfortable for our customers solutions.

I invite You to improve Your quality of life and to add new colors in your favorite place of Your life!

Alina Raevskaya