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Important functions from a system that is designed to be invisible.

You may not notice the air conditioner, humidifier, or heater. But you will always notice if the room is uncomfortable, draughty or stuffy.

First of all, smart home is about managing climate, security, and lighting. The highest rating of our work is when you do not think about why this house is so good.

Here are 5 advantages of home automation systems:

1. Security

In a smart home, all switches, sensors and sensors that residents touch are powered by 12 or 24 Volts. This is a safe voltage for humans and animals. And all electrical consumers of 220 Volts are connected directly to the electrical panels. The on/off control itself takes place in the panels.

2. Affordability and savings

For the price, the situation is as follows: automation of heating control (Underfloor heating, radiators, convectors) for a 4-room apartment is approximately 1200 euros. This price includes thermal sensors and a touch control panel with an Internet connection. You get the ability to simply set the desired temperature in the rooms of the apartment, and not regulate each device, selecting quality parameters.

Here is an example of savings: you go on vacation and realize that there is no point in heating the apartment at +25°C. Then you set the temperature to, say, 17 degrees, and the system starts saving you money.

3. Reliability

The automation system does not HAVE a Central device management computer. All devices of the Smart home system work independently. During commissioning, each of them is configured (programmed) by a specialist. Even if one device suddenly fails (which is very unlikely for certified manufacturers), all other elements of the system continue to work according to the specified settings.

4. Certification

We have all the work on the system (design, installation, commissioning) performed by certified specialists. And we guarantee that the devices and the system as a whole will work smoothly, without failures.

5. Personal comfort

Smart home is a fine-tuning of the system to the habits and desires of the occupant of a house or apartment. After installation, the system must be configured several times (programmed) for a specific lifestyle, routine and habits of residents. After that, you can fully enjoy the comfort of your home.

It is very important to say that there has been a technological breakthrough in this area. What five or six years ago seemed insanely expensive and unattainable, today is much cheaper.

Now about 500 factories in the world are working on the “Smart home” system. You have no idea what elements they can make! It can be retro – style switches, or Louis XIV-anything at all. Also, they produce cameras of incredible beauty — they can be organically fit into any interior, hang on any facade.

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