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The history Of the construction Studio began in 2005. I wanted to create a company that does exclusive and rare work. So that my client feels that his new house or apartment is so suitable for him, as if they were created according to individual patterns, like a suit from an Italian designer.

To achieve this feeling, I need to put together many components. And for more than 15 years, I have been in charge of construction and all related processes-from the pit to hanging curtains on the Windows.

My strengths are elegant communication and well-honed processes. Coordinating the work of different masters is a very complex process. Our projects sometimes involve up to 50 (!) contractors. I understand that the client wants a result — a comfortable home, not endless communication with builders.

And I am ready to give this result. Build a cozy space as quickly as possible, architecturally verified, without wasting your nerves and money. To configure engineering system “Smart house”. Develop a landscape design.

Friends, I will be glad to meet you! Go to the house of your dreams.

Sincerely, Alina Raevskaya.